we are out to produce the best XXL pitbulls that can be bred.our foundation is from proven producers our XXL pitbulls are great examples of the type of dogs we are looking to breed.good disposition,conformation and size.our goal is to breed the best XXL pitbulls worldwide at a fair price.we take the health of our adults and pups very seriously.we are located in the Baltimore area.we have two private locations a total of 13 acres to exercise our dogs.all of our dogs are intelligent house trained members of our family.our breedings are limited so we put alot of thought and planning in every XXL pitbull breeding.our pedigrees are proof of our commitment to the XXL pitbull breed.we have 15 years of breeding experience in standard show pitbulls.this makes us lean towards good conformation as well as size.xl pitbulls are our passion and our hope is to have happy repeat customers selling only healthy XXL pitbulls with a great disposition.  

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